UP Telecoms' Privacy Policy

Keeping your data safe

Please contact us if you require further information about our privacy policy or if you wish to check if we hold any of your information.

UP Telecoms Limited
7th Floor, Merck House,
Seldown Road,
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Company Registration: 11307753
Company Telephone: 0345 55 700 55
Company email: info@uptelecoms.co.uk
Website: www.uptelecoms.co.uk

How we collect and use your information

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect when Utility Point Telecoms Ltd collects personal information in respect of:

  • Visitors to our websites or social media channels (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Complainants and other individuals in relation to a Data Protection or Freedom of Information complaint or enquiry.
  • People who use our services e.g. sign into an agreement to use our services or enquire about using our services.
  • Job applicants and current and former employees.
  • Detail on the areas of the Privacy Notice.
  1. Website Traffic / Visitors / Activity on our Website

We utilise Google Analytics on our website which collects basic standard log information and behaviour patterns, this is used to ensure our customer service and customer facing functions are as efficient as possible by using the statistics to show us which areas of the website are being used. The information that we use does not identify anyone but simply looks at behaviour and touchpoints. In any instance where personal information may be collected, this will be in a clear way such as a contact, quotation or enquiry form, and any such information will not be passed outside of the organisation. In cases where a form is used on our website, we may track the last click information to see if the enquiry, quote or contact came via a campaign or search.

The information collected and stored securely via enquiries online would be:

  • Contact name
  • Organisation name
  • Contact number/email
  • Address and postcode
  • Content of the enquiry
  1. aThe Use of Cookies and Widgets

Small text files called cookies are used by our website to improve online service and to ultimately improve and enhance a visitor’s experience, this will always be subject to you accepting cookies via a notice. Cookies are small files placed on a device such as a computer or mobile phone, that cannot be used to identify you personally. An example of the application of a cookie would be using the cookie to recognise your device to save you repeating the same information several times.

Our website may use third-party widgets such as Trustpilot, YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics for example. In the event these widgets set cookies, this privacy policy does not cover the behaviour of the third-party widgets.

  1. Live Chat

Our live chat function enables us to answer questions in real time. If you choose to use this, then the scripts from each chat would be held securely. Any details provided such as your email and name would also be held with the transcript. A copy of the script can be sent to you upon request by either asking via the live chat function or by making a further enquiry.

  1. Recommended Links / Partners / Lines to External Websites

Due to the nature of our business we will provide information / images and other resources which may link to external websites. While these links will be chosen with much care, we recognise that we cannot control the content and as such it would be your responsibility to read and understand any respective privacy policies.

  1. How is the information we collect used / secured?
  • Enquiry information / data is used to contact you by phone or email.
  • If the enquirer becomes a customer, then the information will remain on file for the duration of the customers relationship including any periods after the relationship has ended such as 6 years. If the enquirer does not become a customer, then the information will be held for two years.
  • If the enquirer does not become a customer, then their information will only be used to respond to the specific reason for the enquiry and not for any marketing or other purposes. If the enquirer does become a customer, then they may receive marketing in relation to the contracts and services.
  • All information collected is solely used by us, it will not be shared, sold or in any way given or provided to a third party.
  • All data from Web Forms is sent via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol for Secure Communications) over SSL technology (Secure Socket Level).
  • In the event we wished to send offers via incoming web enquiries, an opt out check box would be provided.
  1. Business to Business Telephone Marketing

We use a telemarketing function which utilises data collected from third parties where consent is collected at source. All data is screened for TPS and CTPS prior to calling. This is done at source when acquired and done via ad-hoc TPS and CTPS downloads where data is over 28 days old. Telemarketing calls are recorded and stored for training and monitoring purposes. Call records can be deleted or stopped as requested. If a deletion is requested, then this will take place within 28 days of the request subject to the request authorised.

  1. Contact Using Social Media (Inc. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Access to social media is restricted within the organisation and any messages sent via social media will be held within the respective platform and will not be shared with any other organisations by us.

  1. Inbound Telephone Calls to Us

Inbound calls are recorded and stored for training and monitoring purposes, the call information such as CLI (Calling Line Identification) would be captured for reporting purposes. Calls will be stored for the duration of the relationship along with the associated contracts. Notification of call recording will be held within the Auto Attendant and other materials. Call records can be deleted or stopped as requested. If a deletion is requested, then this will take place within 28 days of the request subject to the request authorised.

  1. Inbound Emails

All inbound emails are checked for viruses and malicious software. While all reasonable checks are made, you have a responsibility to ensure that emails are sent within the restrictions / scope of the law.

  1. Receiving and Recording a Customer Complaint

Please refer to the complaint’s procedure at www.uptelecoms.co.uk/complaints for the actual complaint handling process.

Complaints will be recorded on the CRM system and any information contained within the complaint such as the identity of the complainant and anyone else involved alongside the details of the complaint are stored against your account. Any information provided during this process will be use strictly for administering the complaint. Complaint information will be held on your account in the CRM system for the duration of your relationship. Complaint information will be held on a ‘need to know’ basis.

  1. Job Applicants, Current and Former Employees

You can contact us on info@uptelecoms.co.uk if you have any questions on how we handle or process your information.

We are the data controller for any details and information communicated during the employment process. The information you will only be used for the administration of your application, or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements. This information will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes and will not be stored outside the EEA.

The information we collect is limited to the information we require to assess suitability for the employment and recruitment process, this will not be held longer than is it required. You can refuse to provide the requested information, but this may impact any application or recruitment process.

If the event we make a conditional offer, pre-employment checks are made to satisfy the following:

  • The identity of potential staff.
  • The potential staffs right to work in the United Kingdom.
  • Assessment of Reliability, Integrity and Trustworthiness.

The pre-employment checks would include the following:

  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of qualifications / awards and any certifications / training being relied upon.
  • Qualification and checking of references.
  • Driving licence and convictions if a vehicle is required.

Additional information required or a final offer:

  • Banking information for payroll.
  • Emergency contact details.
    Medical documentation.
  • All information collected during this process will be kept for 6 years following the termination / end of employment or 6 months if unsuccessful.
  1. Your Rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have rights as an individual which you can exercise in relation to the information we hold about you. You can read more about these rights https://icosearch.ico.org.uk

  1. Requesting personal information

We will use our best endeavours to fulfil any ‘subject access request’ under the Data Protection Act 1998. If a request is made, we will provide as much information as possible regarding why we hold the information, what data has been stored, who we can provide it to and provide a copy of the information.