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Delivering communication solutions for event and entertainment businesses
Get a quick, accurate quote in minutes with UP Telecoms
Get a quick, accurate quote in minutes with UP Telecoms

Phone systems packed with features to help your business


The event and entertainment industry has changed considerably over the last decade. UP Telecoms understands the demanding needs of this industry and the challenges businesses face to remain competitive. Businesses that are forward-thinking and embrace a digital business model will enjoy the benefits of being more agile and attract better revenue streams.

UP Telecoms Solution

We have created a business telecoms solution that integrates a fully optimised and scalable communications and collaborative solution into your existing infrastructure. With our expertise and knowledge, we will simplify your business telecoms while helping you adapt to changing customer behaviour and gain new digital skills.

The Benefits

  • Integrating smartphones and tablets enables your staff to work on any device from any location.
  • Next generation contact centre solutions allows businesses to effectively manage their customer interaction by email, voice or web chat. Social media, SMS and mass notification can also become integrated, enabling businesses to always be connected to their customers.
  • One single business directory, with one number, voicemail box and instant messaging puts you in control, while managing costs and always maintaining a professional image.
  • A multitude of management tools allow simple web-based configuration making the management of your system straightforward and cost effective.

How we can help your business

UP Telecoms specialises in delivering communication solutions for event and entertainment businesses, enabling them to adapt to the continually evolving market. Customers are increasingly moving away from traditional media to favour digital media and businesses need to transform their services and products to ensure customer retention and protect revenues.

We understand that in an evolving and competitive market, customers expect organisations to deliver an outstanding user experience. We therefore provide effective communication solutions that creates a flexible business that guarantees quality, loyalty and employee mobility.

Contact UP Telecoms to arrange a visit from a member of our sales team to find out more about the features that will transform your events and entertainment business. Call us on 0345 55 700 55 or email and we’ll get back to you.